Avoid Hard To Read Fonts

Decorative fonts make it hard for the brain to recognize the patterns that are in sync with letters. This font choice is too decorative. Readers are frustrated just trying to figure out the words. If the designer used a serif and sans font it would be more visually appearing. However, many designers like ambiguity and therefore use fancy scripts and decorative fonts. This one is also vibrant with conflicting colors and an odd vibe.

Include Pictures and Connect with the Users Right Away When Possible

The hero image is the first image users see when they log onto a website. As a UX designer its important to keep that in mind. Below is a great visual example of this. There’s a special part of the brain just for recognizing faces. I searched several websites and now I see the strategic Hero or Homepage personal photos. The FFA part of the brain relates to human emotions. Faces allow us to connection with a person faster than a product. I find this to be true with myself as a consumer because I typically feel the most comfortable buying from a website that a reputable brand image or a person behind the brand. Most websites that I’m drawn to right now have pictures of humans with warm faces and smiles similar to this one here.