Use Words That Create Action

People are motivated by progress. In example one the button is a call to action offers mastery and strategy. Once people go through the course they will know a new skill. This compelling motivator is the small appetizer before the next larger offer. 

In Steve Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think, he talks about making things too simple. In example two it shows that when buttons are not clear. These are too simple. The font colors and backdrop are not contrasting against one another. They are almost invisible to the viewer. 

The grey plain color is boring, hard to see and not appealing which makes it hard to visually remember either. The author discusses why its important to make things clear and easy to see and understand. People are using their devices more than half the time when on a website. 

The call to action and email conversion should be striking and have an intrinsic reward. Which will have an immediate call to action. For example, people don’t need to pay or hassle with a credit card. Instead a quick email away and the consumer gets an intrinsic reward.