Keep Your Photos Relevant and Easy on the Eyes

The best thing on a website is photos. Strong photos that are related to the content are important for a website. Users know right away what this website is about without any of the words or headers. The photos tell a visual story therefore should be used more and correctly.

Here is a Bad Example of How Photos are Being Used

This photo is the first image on the website. The problem is that it’s dark and hard to see. Also, it doesn’t show the actual product or story. The entire Homepage is hard to understand when I scan it because the photos are not strong. They don’t make any sense and I’m confused about this company and not knowing what they do. Pictures tell a story so it’s important to have them make sense. Promote the product or services with photos right away so people understand what your company is about.

This is a great company too with a powerful message behind it. I hope they get new photos up soon.